Organic White Kiawe Honey


Our rare, certified organic Kiawe Honey is gathered from an isolated Kiawe forest on the island of Hawaii. Pure Kiawe Honey rapidly and naturally crystallizes into an exceptionally creamy texture, creating a pearly white honey with a unique, delicate tropical flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted. Available in 20 oz., 8 oz., and 3 oz. sizes.

Please note – we are down to our very last batch of 8 oz. Kiawe Honey harvested in 2019. This last batch is not “white” like the honey pictured on our website. Mono-floral honey, by definition, must be comprised of at least 45% nectar from a single nectar source. Our Kiawe Honey is typically 90-100% Kiawe Nectar…it takes very little nectar from wildflowers to change Kiawe Honey from white to off-white. Honey production is like wine production, the final product varies from year to year and batch to batch, depending upon the weather. This last batch is far more than 45% Kiawe, so let us assure you that although it does not look exactly like the honey pictured here, it is still our deliciously smooth and organic honey and tastes just like the Kiawe honey you have ordered from us before. After this batch we will be completely out of Kiawe Honey until the Kiawe Forest blooms again in 2020.

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