Terms & Conditions


Regarding our return / refund policy

Take a deep dive into our newly updated return / refund policy! We have made some changes to work toward a more sustainable environment while still providing you the best service. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase and would like a refund, a request must be made within 14 days of delivery. You may email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at (1-888-663-6639) and we will give you a total, unconditional refund on all regular priced items. Please note that all sales of discounted items are final and not eligible for refund, including items purchased using a discount code.

Please note — due to food safety regulations and to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on our environment, we do not accept returned honey.

Regarding International Orders

With increased shipping delays and customs clearance for international orders, unfortunately there is also an increased risk of packages being denied entry or customs clearance for some locations. As a result, these packages may be returned to us by FedEx, incurring additional and often higher shipping costs. Returned honey is not sellable due to the many factors that may influence its safety and quality. We strongly recommend that you check with your local customs office to inquire about any potential difficulties or restrictions for sending honey to your desired international destination.

If you wish to proceed to place an order to ship to destinations outside of the US, we ask that you realize the risk of returned honey will incur additional charges for the cost of shipping honey back to Rare Hawaiian Honey Company.

Knowing the above information, by proceeding to order, you, the customer agree to:

  • Accept the risk of additional shipping charges for returned honey should the package/goods be denied customs clearance and returned to the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company. If so, please provide a valid form of payment for these increased shipping charges. You may do so via phone or email.
  • Accept that the cost of original purchase of goods (if returned to the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company) will not be refunded back to you, as these goods are no longer deemed sellable.
  • If you do not accept the above conditions, you may choose to cancel your order at this time.

Duties, Taxes, and fees on receipt of goods

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any possible duties, taxes, and/or fees which may be applied by customs in the country where delivery is made. The responsibility for any custom duties, foreign taxes, or other fees which may be imposed, will rest with the customer. Please contact your local customs offices if you would like to seek more information regarding taxes and duties.

Restrictions on the import of honey

Some countries restrict the import of honey. Due to ever-changing customs requirements and/or restrictions, it is the responsibility of the customer to inquire with their local customs office to ensure proper procedures are followed and any/all restrictions adhered to regarding receipt of goods. Rare Hawaiian Honey Company cannot be held responsible for any delay or rejection of cargo upon entry. As a result, we are unable to refund any duties and taxes paid.

*NOTE: Our terms and conditions may be revised at any time without notice — please be sure to read this important information upon each purchase.