Organic White Kiawe Honey, Chile Pepper Infused 6 pack


The Hot Honey 6 pack contains six 8 oz. jars of our Organic White Kiawe Honey, Chile Pepper Infused.


Organic White Kiawe Honey, Chile Pepper Infused × 6

If you like some spice in your life, you’re going to love our Hawaiian Hot Honey! Made with our certified Organic White Kiawe Honey, and infused with a unique cultivar of Capsicum frutescens, the Hawaiian Chile Pepper, this honey is conveniently "pourable" for ease of use.  Up to 100x hotter than a Habanero, Hawaiian Chile Peppers are sweet, salty, and savory, with an intense level of spice that lingers on the palate. Chile Infused Honey is now an established favorite condiment for pizza, but you can also drizzle it on roasted vegetables, add it to marinades, drizzle it over fried fish, calamari or chicken, whisk it into dressings, pair it with cheese, or use it as a sauce for fruit desserts.

Available in 8 oz. size only.

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Organic White Kiawe Honey, Chile Pepper Infused

8oz Honey Choice #1

White Clover

Pure Kiawe Hawaii honey naturally crystallizes into an exceptional creamed honey with a delicate tropical flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted. Whether you’re looking for a pure mono-floral honey, or tropical nectar infused honey varieties, our specialty honeys are sure to please. Be sure to read our suggestions on pairings for each artisanal honey variety. Explore all of our gourmet honey products and contact us with any questions.