Organic Lehua Honey 8 oz. (Case of 12)


Rare Hawaiian Organic Lehua Honey × 12

Lehua is the flower of the Ohia tree, a Hawaiian native hardwood tree. Each harvest of honey is unique, reflecting the many influences of nature. This past Lehua Honey season we chose to make a batch of honey without as much Kiawe blended into it as we have done in past years. As such, our current Lehua offering is more authentic, with an earthy taste, a bit more yellow in color and a detectable grainy texture. Lehua is the official flower of the Big Island of Hawaii but it is rapidly getting wiped out by a devastating fungal disease called Rapid Ohia Death. Lehua Honey may not be available in the future, and it is currently listed in the Slow Food Ark of Taste. This honey is truly a taste of the Island of Hawaii. Available in 8 oz. size only.

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Weight 12 lbs
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Rare Hawaiian Organic Lehua Honey

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