This may seem like an odd combination, sharks and honey...but read on and you will learn that it is not! First, Rare Hawaiian Honey Company owner, Dr. Michael Domeier, is one of the premiere white shark researchers in the world. His work at the Marine Conservation Science Insitute ( has led to many new discoveries, scientific publications, TV programs and even a book. One thing he discovered was that Great White Sharks are rare in Hawaii, since only a select few migrate from the coasts of Mexico and California to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is also home to one of the rarest, certified organic, gourmet honey varieties on earth: Kiawe Honey. Kiawe Honey is so rare that is listed in the Slow Foods Ark of Taste (like the endangered species list of food). At the Rare Hawaiian Honey Company, we have pulled our very best Kiawe Honey and put it through a slow natural crystallization process to create the best of the best, Rare Hawaiian Great White Honey! To celebrate both the Great White Shark and our Great White Honey, we are donating 10% of the proceeds from this honey to shark research. Please enjoy this gourmet honey while knowing you are giving back to the environment. By scanning the QR code you can see what we’ve learned about real white sharks tagged and tracked via satellite technology by Michael!