ORGANIC Winter honey

A Seasonal Treat!

Flowers in Hawaii bloom all year round and the nectar of each variety can be ripened into a unique honey - and some are truly gourmet qualityi. It is these special honeys for which we are known.

Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey is a rich, full-flavored creamy honey. During the winter our bees are foraging over rolling pasture on the windward side of Mauna Kea Volcano. Our bee yards are spread out, between 900 and 2200 feet in elevation, giving the bees access to the nectar of a variety of trees, wildflowers and grasses. There is always a bit of honey left in the comb from our summer Kiawe (white honey) season, ensuring that our Winter Honey naturally crystallizes into a creamy smooth texture. Winter Honey is a medium bodied honey with a forward burst of butterscotch and a lingering nutty finish. Winter Honey production is highly unpredictable and rare since heavy winter rains can wash the nectar from the open blossoms; enjoy it while you can!

Heat radically alters the color, texture and unique flavor of honey while destroying naturally occurring enzymes and pollen. We offer our honey in its pure, raw, natural form - unheated, unfiltered, smooth and creamy in texture.