Winter Treat Holiday Set

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Warm up your winter with this hand-picked set of tropical honey varieties! Our Winter Treat Holiday Set contains two 8 oz. jars each of:

Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Honey infused with Ginger

Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Winter Honey

Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Macadamia Honey

Organic Kiawe Honey with Ginger × 2

For 7,000 years ginger has been recognized throughout the world for its many culinary uses and curative powers. We have taken our delicate Kiawe honey and infused ginger powder into it suffusing it with a subtle ginger flavor - warming and deliciously sweet.

Organic Winter Honey × 2

Flowers in Hawaii bloom all year round and the nectar of each variety can be ripened into a unique honey - and some are truly gourmet quality. Our Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey is rich, full-bodied and creamy with flavor nuances and color that may vary from year-to-year, depending upon the weather patterns and the location of the yards we use to winter the bees. Available in 8 oz. size only.

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Organic Macadamia Honey × 2

Our Rare Hawaiian Organic Macadamia Honey is made almost exclusively from the fragrant, white flowers of the macadamia nut tree. This unique honey blend has a robust macadamia nut flavor (think warm caramel with a tropical tang), in a beautiful dark amber liquid that has crystallized into a smooth, creamy texture. The macadamia honey is harvested from a certified organic macadamia nut orchard in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. Available in 8 oz. size only.

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Organic Kiawe Honey with Ginger

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Organic Winter Honey

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Organic Macadamia Honey

Weight 1 lbs
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