ORGANIC Lehua honey

Only from the Hawaiian Islands!

Our Rare Hawaiian Organic Lehua Honey is derived from nectar of the 'Ohia tree. The 'Ohia tree is a special, sacred hardwood tree that is endemic to Hawaii. It is the first tree to take root in the solid black lava, colonizing the lava and forging the way for other plants to follow. 'Ohia trees have beautiful red or yellow flowers that Hawaiians gave a name of their own: Lehua, which means "Flowers sacred to the Gods." Hawaiian legend explains that 'Ohia and Lehua were lovers, but the Volcano Goddess, Pele, desired the handsome 'Ohia. 'Ohia rejected Pele's advances, putting her in such a fury that she turned him into a tree. Lehua was so devastated by the loss of her lover that the Gods took pity on her, turning her into a flower and placing her on the 'Ohia tree. It is said that if someone picks a Lehua flower from the 'Ohia tree it causes rain...signifying Lehua's tears. 

The nectar from Lehua blossoms produces a beautiful honey with a smooth, creamy consistency and pearly white color. With a unique and subtle floral flavor, our raw, organic Lehua honey is truly a taste of the Island of Hawaii! Harvested in small batches only a few times a year, this variety of honey is truly a rare treat and supplies are limited.