A Genuine Tropical Delight

Our certified organic Kiawe Honey is gathered from an isolated Kiawe forest on the island of Hawaii. Although this region is a desert, the deep tap roots of the Kiawe trees have reached an underground aquifer of fresh water that flows down from the volcanoes. No other vegetation has tapped this water source, allowing the bees to collect Kiawe nectar of exceptional purity and quality. Obtaining Kiawe honey in its natural state – unheated and unfiltered – is an art; a process that must be timed exactly, making this a virtually “handpicked” honey. Kiawe honey must be harvested after the nectar is ripened by the bees but before it crystallizes in the comb. Once crystallized it is impossible to extract the honey without using heat, and the use of heat during the honey processing can destroy beneficial enzymes while radically altering the honey’s color, taste and texture.


Pure Kiawe honey naturally crystallizes into a pearly white color with exceptionally creamy texture and a unique, delicate tropical flavor unlike any honey you have ever tasted. By infusing with Lilikoi, also known as Passion Fruit, we have created the quintessential flavor of the tropics. One taste from this jar and your palate will transport you to a wide sandy beach, turquoise water and the dappling shade off coconut palms. This honey is a unique combination of our rare, certified organic Kiawe (white) honey and Lilikoi puree. Enjoy this honey as an appetizer when spread on fine cheeses and cured meats.


This honey will continue to soften on the shelf at room temperature. If you would like firmer honey, place it in the refrigerator..