organic kiawe honey infused with

organic lavender blossoms

From appetizers to dessert, this Honey is very versatile!

By infusing our delicate, Certified Organic Kiawe Honey with organic dried lavender blossoms, we have created a true culinary treat. This is the only honey that we gently warm to infuse the lavender essential oil into the honey, but we do not warm enough to destroy beneficial enzymes or pollen, so the honey is still raw. When we first launched this product we tried to ship as liquid honey since liquid honey is easier to drizzle. But since Kiawe honey crystallizes so quickly we have given up fighting nature and are now offering our Lavender Infused Kiawe Honey in the creamy, crystallized form that everyone expects from us. We do suggest that you gently warm portions of this honey that you want to drizzle over fresh berries, grapefruit, star fruit, dragon fruit or ice cream! Use it in its creamy state for spreading over cured meats and fine cheeses, served on crackers or bread for a gourmet appetizer.